2013, Full circle

“Full Circle is an excellent little album. Themed around Kramer’s quarter century as a pro player and his New York roots, It sure resonates with me with its laid-back rhythm and material that ranges from Ragtime-Blues influences to Brian’s beloved and sensitively picked Steel Guitar work.  His electric playing is also showcased with a fine bunch of backing musicians including Chuck Anthony on guitar, Mats Quartfordt on Harp, another Swedish based US player, Bert Deivert, Steel Mandolin, and some very soulful backing vocals from Maria Blom, Isabella Lundgren and Fanny Holm.”

2011, A tribute to Robert Johnson

"It is what it says on the tin - “A Tribute To Robert Johnson”, BRIAN KRAMER does it justice with clear blues acoustic guitar playing and an understanding of traditional blues. His voice is full of emotion and clarity so that every word is heard and the stories behind the songs clearly unfolds.
The combination of his voice and guitar skills makes this a fine tribute and a must for traditional Blues and Robert Johnson fans alike."
-Liz Aiken/Blues Matters Magazine UK

2009, Myself and Mine (Solo album) 

“Brian has graciously given us 11 solo tracks in this brilliant album. He sets in motion a groove that is hypnotic and additive. Each track has a different feel and a different story. One thing is for sure, you will not have the urge to skip any track. This is a well written, produced, mastered and recorded album. The kind you keep in your good stack of albums. 

Brian Kramer has nailed the instrumentation throughout the entire album. This album is every musicians dream and every listeners pleasure. Only once in a very blue moon, does someone come along with Brian Kramer's unique musical abilities and grace. This humble man comes from a place of honesty, genuine ability and generosity. If you have not had the occasion to hear "Myself and Mine", do so today. You will definitely be thanking me tomorrow.”
-Shashona McCall/Indie Showcase radio

2008, Live at club Stampen

“The Brian Kramer Blues Jams at the Stampen Pub in the old town of Stockholm, every Saturday at 2 pm, is the only place to be on a Saturday afternoon. Brian's the numero-uno defender of live music in Stockholm and deserves all the cred he can get. Brian's got a big heart and he's vital and essential to the Stockholm music scene.
The new album; Live at Club Stampen, sees Brian's Sat Blues Jam Band (beefed with incredible guitarist Chuck Anthony and mando-player Bert Deivert) run thru a number of songs we've learned to appreciate.

It captures the essence of Brian Kramer, the core of his greatness. Being a live-CD and knowing everything kicks louder and livelier live than studio, this is a well-working poster of the greatness of Brian.
The CD offers a number of great songs that works well on the stereo, but will more or less kick your ass live. Brian is a Live-artist. And this is an advertisement that will see people cueing up outside Stampen on Saturday afternoons and Blue Monday evenings. I enjoy the CD, It's been spinning for a week and I haven't grown tired of it. Au contraire – it makes me wish for another Stampen Saturday. Brian's got his mojo working solid.”
Jonas Almquist; Journalist
(Also vocalist/songwriter/guitarist of the cult group Leather Nun)

2006, Brian Kramer, I Want My Illusion 

Featuring National slide guitar wizard Bob Brozman, Brian Kramer & the Couch Lizardz make available for a ‘limited pressing’ - 13 new songs with that same, cozy BK & the CLs spirit lifting vibe you've all come to know and love!

2004, Brian Kramer & the Couch Lizardz, No Regrets

The first official release on Armadillo records. Recorded in the UK during their June 2003 tour in the shadows of Nottingham and Sherwood Forest. Twelve original tunes ranging from stompin' blues to intimate confessions. No Regrets has risen to the Top 25 Roots/Blues Chart on National US radio, as reported in Living Blues Magazine.

2002, Brian Kramer, Everybody’s Story

The long awaited for, high spirited, ‘alive’ in the studio album with BK and the boys is now available here on-line. With special guests like Jump4Joy's Ulf Sandström, Derrick ‘Big’ Walker & Jane' Kitto... Ten original songs & one old obscure classic, flavored with National slide, vintage acoustic warmth and the Couch Lizardz's crazy, back porch grooves! Everybody's Story, blues from now to the future of a new century.

2001, Johnson featuring Brian Kramer & the Couch Lizardz, Two Gun Green

Available from UK based Armadillo Records website... Larry Johnson's hugely exciting collaboration with Brian Kramer and The Couch Lizardz. With sleeve notes by Samuel Charters.

2000, Brian Kramer Trio and Friends, Live at the Folklore Center

Featuring a number of special guests like Derrick ‘Big’ Walker, Harmonica Henry, Siwert Brahmstedt, and more. Recorded in an intimate, all-acoustic environment.

1998, Eric Bibb, Home To Me

“One of the strengths of Home To Me is Bibb’s original blues tunes, such as the bodacious, struttin’ New Shoes, co-authored with Brian Kramer…” — CD NOW, review


1989, Kramer and the Bluesmasters featuring Junior Wells, Win or Lose

Brian's very first album, recorded at age 24, featuring some of his friends and mentors who took him under their wing as he developed his blues playing. Through networking with musicians in NYC, the album became an all-star recording produced by Miles Roston, with pianist David Cohen (Country Joe & the Fish), Mick Taylor, Junior Wells, Steve Jordan. This rare album saw only a short run in the market due to disagreements with the record company.

2013 Brian had his debut novel; OUT OF THE BLUES published (Bullet Point Publishing)
In Out Of The Blues,  Kramer draws upon his decades of experience to capture both the glamour and the day-to-day frustrations of a working musician in New York City’s rapidly changing nightlife. Alongside the personal and musical triumphs are the behind the scenes squabbles over money, strained relationships, and missed opportunities. A relative constant, though, is the redeeming force of the blues, helping Ryan Palmer rise—at least temporarily—above his woes.
-Scott Barretta; author/Blues scholar.


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