July 1st 2016
An incredible experiance to be featured as part of Lithuania's largest open air festival; Bliuzo naktys Festival 2016!
over 5000 enthusiastic and wonderful Blues-lovin' fans cheered on and sang along & made it one of the best international festivals I have ever been part of!
Backed by the Road Band, a beloved, long time staple Blues band in Lithuania, the grooves were funky, deep and free!
Hope to return again in the near future!

July 10th 2015

After an intense performance by the Brian Kramer Band, Brian Kramer was awarded the years Blues prize by Åmål Blues Festival for 2015
for his continuing efforts developing and encouraging a new generation of young Blues artists through his scene and Blues Jam at Stampen. Talented artists like Lisa Lystam, Felicia Neilson, Fredrik Karlsson etc. who have received the Junior Blues award and were given the opportunity to perform at Åmål's Blues Fest.

The healthy development and renewed interest of any culture is dependent on nurturing capable youth! 

Listen to Brian Kramer Band's full set from the festival here;

June 25th 2015

On June 25th 2015 Brian Kramer Band had the privilege to perform for the U.S. embassy in Stockholm for their Independence Day celebration. There were over 1,000 people along with just about every Ambassador from every country in Sweden as well as diplomats and Nobel prize recipients. It was a great, memorable event with BKB as the soundtrack and we got the whole place grooving! Pictured here with U.S. Ambassador to Sweden Mark Brzezinski and his wife Natalia.

January 15th, 2015

Brian Kramer is officially recognized and inducted into the Blues Hall Of Fame as a Master Blues Artist along with the Brian Kramer Band.

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